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Dental Bonding vs. Veneers: What’s the Best Way to Correct My Smile?

October 10, 2023

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Nose to chin view of someone smiling while a dentist holds a palette of veneers up to their teeth

Did you know that people with dental issues tend to report more feelings of self-doubt and are less socially active than those with healthy teeth? Flaws like cracks, stains, or gaps can leave you feeling like you don’t measure up. After all, no one wants to feel like those imperfections are the most noticeable aspect of their smile!

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry can help! With solutions like dental veneers and dental bonding, your dentist can give you a grin you’re proud to show off. But which method is best for you? Keep reading to learn more!


Mind the Gap: Options for Fixing Front Tooth Diastema

September 8, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 1:00 pm
A woman getting a veneer treatment

Are you bothered by a noticeable gap between your two front teeth? You’re not alone. Many patients experience this common dental concern and seek ways to fill this gap. While there are several treatment options available that could help you, one stands out above the rest: dental veneers.

If you want to learn what causes gaps between teeth and how veneers can help, continue reading. You’re close to achieving the smile you want!


Can Ignoring a Toothache Be Fatal?

August 31, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 8:41 pm
person with toothache holding their cheek

It’s likely that you’ll experience a toothache at some point in your life. While some toothaches are minor and can be treated with a simple dental filling, others may indicate a more severe oral health problem. But can ignoring these serious toothaches lead to life-threatening consequences? Read on to explore whether toothaches can ever pose a fatal risk and how your dentist can help address them.


How Teeth Grinding Can Make You Look Older

August 18, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 8:33 pm
patient suffering from teeth grinding holding cheek

Bruxism, a condition marked by nighttime teeth grinding and clenching, may not appear significant at first glance, but it carries significant implications. Grinding your teeth during the night can give rise to a host of severe oral health concerns, and it can also contribute to an aged appearance. The good news is that bruxism is manageable with professional intervention. Continue reading to learn how teeth grinding plays a role in the aging process and preventive measures to help you preserve your youthful appearance.


Are You Overdue for a Dental Checkup? Here’s What to Expect

July 21, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 1:45 pm
A woman dentist smiling

It’s not uncommon for patients to skip regular visits to the dentist. In fact, many go months or years between visits due to a number of factors including anxiety, schedule conflicts, and lack of funds.

It could be that you just haven’t found the time to go, or that you’re dreading the talking-to your dentist might give you when you step back through the door. Whatever the reason for your apprehension in getting back to the dentist, here’s what you can expect when you finally do take the plunge and schedule a dental checkup.


The Truth About Teeth Cleanings: Do They Hurt?

July 12, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 4:31 pm
Woman smiling at her dentist as her dentist holds up some tools to either side of her face

Have you been putting off your next dental cleaning because you’re worried it might be painful? You’re not alone. It’s hard to willingly put yourself in a position where you might be subject to discomfort of any kind. Thinking about having to sit still in a chair while someone pokes and prods the inside of your mouth might send chills down your spine. Fortunately, your dentist is very experienced in treating patients with all levels of dental anxiety, and they value your comfort. If you want to know the truth about teeth cleanings and if they hurt, read on.


4 Potential Causes of a Bump on Your Gums

June 19, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 11:56 pm
 dentist talking to patient about bump on gums

As you go through your morning dental hygiene routine, you suddenly notice an unfamiliar bump on your gums. Since you don’t recall it being there before, curiosity sets in, and you start wondering about the possible cause. Fear not, as there are several factors that can contribute to the development of a bump on your gums. To shed light on this matter, let’s delve into four potential causes and explore what your dentist can do to address the issue.


When Should I Switch Out My Toothbrush?

June 5, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 12:00 am
toothbrush holder with toothbrushes in it

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, you likely remember to brush your teeth regularly, diligently using a toothbrush to clean your pearly whites twice a day. However, it’s essential to be aware that your toothbrush needs replacement after a while. Neglecting to do so can result in poor cleaning, leading to plaque and bacteria build-up. But how can you know when it’s time to get a new one? Read on to discover when and why to replace your toothbrush, along with some helpful tips on caring for it.


Discover the Truth Behind These 5 Common Gum Recontouring Myths

May 16, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 12:22 pm
person who underwent gum recontouring smiling

Gum recontouring offers a wonderful solution for individuals seeking to address a “gummy” smile. Unfortunately, many who could benefit from this treatment opt out due to misconceptions about the procedure and its benefits. It’s time to dispel five common myths and misconceptions surrounding gum recontouring that may be holding individuals back from exploring this valuable treatment option. So, keep reading as we set the record straight by disproving 5 myths about gum recontouring.


4 Useful Tips for Seeming More Approachable

May 4, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — drhoward @ 9:03 pm
a person smiling and gesturing during a conversation

When it comes to making positive first impressions, there is no bigger asset at your disposal than your smile! Your pearly whites, while useful for eating and speaking, serve a very important role in your outward appearance and how people view and approach you. That said, your smile isn’t the only ace up your sleeve for making yourself appear more amicable; here are a few other things that your trustworthy dentist wants you to consider!

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