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Sleep Apnea Treatment San Marcos

Stop Snoring and
Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A full eight hours of sleep won’t do you much good if your rest is constantly being interrupted. Have you been feeling tired or stressed out lately no matter how much rest you get? Has your partner reported that you keep gasping for air in your sleep or keep snoring loudly enough to wake up the rest of the family? You may be suffering from sleep apnea, a condition that affects as many as 30 million adults in the United States but more often than not goes undiagnosed. Since a good night’s sleep is essential for your health, we recommend that you reach out to Dr. Nelson Y. Howard as soon as possible once you have reason to think you might need sleep apnea treatment in San Marcos, CA.

Man looking rested thanks to sleep apnea treatment in San Marcos

Why Choose Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S. for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Custom Snore Guards

Hand holding a custom snore guard for sleep apnea treatment

Sleep disorders linked to an obstruction of the airway are more common than many people realize. In most cases, you’ll initially be unaware that anything is wrong; after all, the most obvious symptoms only appear while you’re asleep! You may, however, notice various symptoms that could point to sleep apnea. This includes general tiredness and fatigue, frequent dry mouth, tired eyes, a lack of energy, irritability, depression, a sore throat, and an upset spouse who is also suffering from a lack of quality sleep.

Sleep apnea can come in different forms, and some disorders are more severe than others. The type of treatment you receive often depends on your unique circumstances. Commonly,
Dr. Howard will prescribe an oral appliance called a snore guard, which holds the jaw and tongue forward so that air can enter the lungs more easily. This alone can dramatically improve your symptoms. There are various types of snore guards you can receive, and our highly trained team can quickly narrow down which one is best for you and your condition. Unlike store-bought oral appliances, our snore-guards are all custom-made to fit perfectly on your teeth. Call us today to take the first step towards enjoying a good night’s sleep again.

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