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Dental Crowns San Marcos

Giving Strength to Weakened Teeth

Despite your best efforts, it’s natural for teeth to wear down over time. There’s always a chance you’ll have an accident and chip a tooth. Oral decay is also a major risk – more than 90% of American adults have at least one cavity. Still, there’s a great way to repair this dental damage: dental crowns in San Marcos! We at Dr. Nelson Y. Howard’s dental office can use this option to fix your weak teeth. For more details, just keep reading or schedule a visit to see us.

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What Is a Dental Crown?

a close up of a single tooth dental crown sitting on a finger

A dental crown is basically a tiny cap that fits over a damaged or worn-down tooth. Once in place, it both hides and protects your tooth’s weakened area. The result is a healthier and more pleasing smile, as our dental crowns use pretty and durable porcelain.


Given how dental crowns work, the ideal candidates for them tend to have:



All that said, please consult Dr. Howard before you settle on a treatment. He could perform an oral exam and assess your tooth (or teeth). From there, he’ll know whether a dental crown suits you.


The Dental Crown Process

a 3 D illustration of a dental crown being placed over a tooth

The average dental crown procedure takes two dental visits. At the first appointment, we’ll prep your tooth to receive its restoration. Our team will place your dental crown at the second visit a few weeks later.


For the first treatment session, we’ll prep you for your crown. This work requires us to remove some enamel from the treated tooth. After this removal, we’ll make an impression of the now-prepared tooth and send it to a dental lab. Lab workers will then use the impression to craft your final restoration. Since their crafting method takes a few weeks, you’ll wear a temporary crown in the meantime.


You’ll attend the follow-up visit when your dental crown is ready. Placing this prosthetic shouldn’t take long, nor will it involve sedation. Dr. Howard will simply set the crown in place and make some last-minute changes to ensure a good fit. From there, he’ll polish this dental cap and send you on your way!

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

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Unless you get a damaged tooth treated, it’ll cause a host of oral problems. Luckily, a dental crown lets you avoid those issues altogether. It offers crucial benefits like:


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