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Personalized Dental Care For Rancho Bernardo Families

There are many patients that don't look forward to their dental appointments. This just isn't acceptable for Dr. Howard and the rest of our staff. We want to help all of our patients feel excited for their dental visits each and every time.

Our team wants you to know how great you can feel from a boost of confidence and health with excellent dental care. The kind of service and treatment you'll get from Dr. Howard will be different than any other dental practice you've ever visited before, and those differences are exactly why we're confident that you'll choose him to be your dentist in Rancho Bernardo.

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Comfortable Dentistry

Contrary to Dr. Howards office, most practices do not help their patients feel more comfortable, creating a cold, unfriendly experience from the moment you walk in the door.

When you visit us, the first thing that you will hear is a welcoming greeting from a friendly office team member, making you feel right at home. We want you to feel relaxed as soon as you step into our cozy waiting room, offering a variety of amenities for you to enjoy:

  • Special glasses so you can watch movies with stereo sound
  • Bose noise-cancelling headphones during your appointment
  • Refreshments to choose from while you wait
  • Fleece blankets and neck pillows for increased comfort
  • Dark glasses to protect your eyes from the lights from our advanced technology
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Complete Dental Care

Will they be able to fix my cracked tooth? Can they straighten my overlapping teeth? Can they replace the tooth that was just knocked out? Asking so many questions may lead many patients to never receive the care that they really need. However, Dr. Howard leaves every patient that has ever seen him confident that they can call him for every single one of their dental needs. No matter what condition you have, we can help you feel great about your smile again!

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Great Dentistry Can Be Affordable

Whether you have dental insurance or not, we make it possible to care for you to have a healthy, beautiful smile. We make this all extremely easy for you because we take most dental health insurance plans, working with your provider so that you don't have to worry about the hassle of getting the most out of your dental benefit plan.

Caring & Compassionate Family Dentist

Rancho Bernardo dentist, Dr. Nelson Y. Howard

Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., A.A.A.C.D.

After graduating from UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986, he continued his education at the V.A. Medical Center in West Los Angeles. By 1987, he has completed one year of General Practice Residency and kept pushing forward with advanced training in cosmetic, functional, implant, and restorative dentistry. He strove for excellence then and still does the same now, providing only the best dental care enhanced with state of the art practices and technology. As Dr. Howard always says, “I wouldn't put anything in or do something in someone else's mouth I wouldn't want to have done in my own mouth first!”

Patient Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

When you get down to it, the best way to learn about a dental practice is to hear what their former and current patients have to say. Dr. Howard likes to think that quality speaks for itself:

Wonderful experience! Dr. Howard is a great dentist and I always feel comfortable in his chair. He is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, if you're ever nervous about shots, here you don't have to be. I have a huge fear of needles, but with Dr. Howard's great technique, I didn't feel a thing! Highly recommended!”
–Mary Krotter, San Diego, CA
Dr. Nelson Howard has been my family dentist for over 10 years, and we are very happy to have had him to take care of all of our dental concerns. You couldn't meet a nicer person who is also very sensitive and tuned-in to patient needs and goes above and beyond any call of duty.”
–Irene Miller. San Diego, CA
Nelson Howard is, by far, the best dentist I've ever had. Skilled, focused, intelligent, and above all, gentle. He does beautiful crowns and fillings and cares about doing the work well--in fact, I'd say he's almost a perfectionist. At the same time, he's fair about pricing and never pushes unnecessary work. He provides clear information and guidance, but he is also respectful about letting me make decisions about my care and budget.”
–Rebecca Carrer, San Diego, CA

Convenient Location

Our Rancho Bernardo office is located at:

12540 Oaks North Drive, Suite A3
San Diego, CA 92128

IWe’re just on the other side of I-15 from the center of Rancho Bernardo, and we are conveniently located right next to the Oaks North Plaza Shopping Center and the Oaks North Community Center. If you are heading north on I-15, take the exit for W Bernardo Dr. heading east, and this will turn into Pomerado Rd. Stay on it, and after you pass Paseo Del Verano Norte, take a left on Oaks North Dr., and we’ll be on your left.

If you’re heading south on I-15, take the exit for Rancho Bernardo Rd. heading east, and then take a left on Pomerado Rd. Right after you pass Paseo Del Verano, take a right on Oaks North Dr., and our practice will be on your left.

Comprehensive Dental Services

We can take care of everything your smile would need here! Let’s explore how your dentist can help you reach your smile goals.

Woman getting a dental checkup

Preventive Dentistry

Our belief is that preventive care is much better for everyone than restorative care. That’s why we offer dental exams, cleanings, and other preventive services to address cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

Dental mirror showing flawless enlarged tooth

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want cosmetic services, you need an expert that offers a wide variety of ways to improve your teeth’s aesthetics. It’s easy to catch someone’s eyes with a sparkling smile when you receive quick and easy teeth whitening treatments, veneers, or a full smile makeover combined with restorative dentistry.

Man sitting outdoors smiling brightly

Restorative Dentistry

If you have a damaged smile, you know that it's a top priority to fix it. When you choose to visit our office to repair any of your flaws—chips, cracks, or missing teeth—you'll not only fix your smile, but you'll feel even better than before with your new one!

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Laser Dentistry

Dental technology is ever-evolving, and lasers are at the forefront of these positive changes. Laser dentistry offers Dr. Howard to treat sensitive gums and reshape smiles to rid patients of their “gummy smiles.”

Dental model of implant-supported crown

Dental Implants

Dr. Nelson Y. Howard is one of the few dentists in the area that can perform the whole dental implant procedure himself. By choosing to visit us, we can save you time and money from restoring your smile all in one place.

Dentist working attentively on patient

Sedation Dentistry

Don’t avoid the dentist because you can’t stand the thought of sitting at the dental chair. If you feel apprehensive when scheduling your appointment, Dr. Howard is able to help you relax. We work with you to create positive experiences each time you visit our office.

Hand displaying a custom, clear oral appliance

TMJ Therapy

Have you explored the symptoms of TMJ disorder? Maybe you’re not sure where your headaches and jaw pain are coming from. Luckily, your dentist can help you relieve dental pain with a simple oral appliance.

patient in a dental chair smiling

Periodontal Therapy

The key to a great smile is healthy gums! When your gums become infected with even the beginning stages of gingivitis, you need to visit Dr. Howard. This is especially true if you have periodontal disease. Your dentist can help you maintain a healthy smile with gum disease therapy.

Woman covering ears next to snoring husband

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Feel fatigued every day? Your Rancho Bernardo dentist can provide you with a personalized, portable mouthpiece to provide a noninvasive solution. You'll feel well rested in no time!

Contact Us Today to Learn More!

If you've read this far, you know that Dr. Howard should be your next Rando Bernardo dentist. We're excited to meet you and explore the different avenues we can take to reach and maintain your dream smile.